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          About us

              Zhongshan Stainless Steel Technology Co .,LTD is a high-end precision stainless steel coil deep processing center enterprise.We are specializing in 200 series,300 series and 400  
          series stainless steel plate surface treatment,we also provide shear distribution service.WIth a total investment of nearly 200 million yuan , our production area covers an area of nearly 30000 square meters ,and we are planning to produce 120000 tons high-end precision stainless steel plate and reach the gold for output  800 million yuan every year . We are located in the hometown of great man Sun Yat-sen-Minzhong Town,Zhongshan City ,so we enjoy a very convenient traffic,from the East Beijing-zhuhai high-speed is only 5 kilometers , 10 kilometers from Zhongshan Port , 20 kilometers  from Guangzhou NanshaShenshui Port.

              We have international advanced stainless steel surface treatment technology and processing equipment more than 10 sets , can provide customers with high-end precision stainless steel plate from 2B plate to all oil mill No. 4 (snowflake sand), HL (drawing), SB (sanding), the fine grinding 8K, coated to the whole process such as comprehensive article points, shear distribution services . Among them , the main production equipment include: one set precision slitting machine 1300 mm and 1600 mm each  ; two high speed flying shears 850 mm and 1300 mm each  ; one all oil roll mill production line 850mm , 3 sets fine grinding 8K production line .Our products are widely used for high-end home appliances ,tableware,kitchen wares, medical,automotive , new energy , buildingupholster , precision electronics , precision manufacturing and metal products , and many other fields .

              With the advantages of China's largest producer of pipe pile flange ,we can provide very strong guarantee in plentiful source and high quality. Besides,we have advanced production equipment,leading technology ,perfect quality inspection and considerableservice, we will be based on the Pearl River Delta and offer our best service for the terminal customers from various industries both at home and abroad .Our one-stop high-end precision stainless steel plate surface treatment, shear processing , distribution service system , can quickly provide various personalized characteristic service for the masses of terminal customers .
             Our company adheres to the tenet of " Honest cooperation , mutual benefit and common development" .We are looking forward to working with you .

             If you have any questions or something we can do for you ,please feel free to contact with us by E-mail or phone directly,we will response you at first time.

          Tel / fax:0760-85168071
          Company website:www.yimasteel.com

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          Zhongshan Stainless Steel Technology Co ., LTD

          Guangdong province zhongshan minzhong town shazi industrial area

          TEL:0760-85551999 FAX:0760-85551666


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